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MTG Modern Horizons 3 Bundle

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RELEASE 7 JUNI YOUR NEW FOREVER FAVORITES—Introducing a heaping helping of exciting cards for Modern, one of Magic’s most celebrated formats, plus the return of competitive favorites, there’s something for everyone to love in Modern Horizons 3. NOW WITH PLAY BOOSTERS—Get the best of Draft and Set Boosters, combined into one! Play Boosters are great for Limited play and fun to open, with a possibility of multiple Rares and at least 1 shining foil card in every pack. POWERFUL CARDS FOR MODERN CONSTRUCTED, LIMITED & COMMANDER PLAY—Spice up your deck with powerful New-to-Modern cards, host a supercharged Booster Draft with friends, or discover Legendary Creatures with striking special treatments to inspire your next Commander Deck. A MTG Modern Horizons 3 Bundle contains: 9 Modern Horizons 3 Play Boosters 1 Traditional Foil card with Bundle-exclusive alternate-art 15 Traditional Foil Basic Land cards (including 5 foil Full-Art Lands) 15 Nonfoil Basic Land cards (including 5 nonfoil Full-Art Lands) 1 Oversized Spindown life counter 1 Card storage box 2 Reference cards