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Star Wars Legion: Range Troopers Unit Exp.

120-180 min
2 - speler(s)
14 +




Extra informatie

Fearsome Imperial Range Troopers arrive in Star Wars™: Legion in this new pack! The seven Range Trooper miniatures in this pack give players a durable new Imperial Special Forces option that can stride into the thick of battle while unleashing their powerful E-10R Blaster Rifles. These miniatures are joined by a heavy weapon miniature that further accentuates the unit's potent firepower. Able to easily traverse difficult terrain, the Range Troopers are accompanies by six upgrade cards that invite players to augment them to fit their own strategy. The Star Wars Legion Range Troopers Unit Expansion contains: 7 Range Trooper Miniatures 7 Bases 1 Unit Card 3 Upgrade Cards 1 Punch Sheet 1 Insert Sheet